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Section 8 Renewal Policy

Section 8 Renewal Guidebook  – March 2023

Identify the 150 percent SAFMR Rent Threshold by Subject Project’s Zip Code

Forms Used in Preparation and Review of an RCS

Initial Checklist App_9-5-1_Initial_Screening_Checklist.xlsx (live.com)

Detailed Screening Checklist APPENDIX-9-5-2.XLSX (live.com)

Rent Grid Analysis Checklist App_9-5-3_Rent_Grid_Analysis.xlsx (live.com)

Rent Comparability Grid (HUD 92273-S8) HUD-92273-S8.xls (live.com)

Rent Comparability Grid Instructions (HUD 92273-S8I) DOC_25382.DOC (live.com)

Request to Renew Using SAFMR as Market Ceiling (HUD-9630) 9630.PDF (hud.gov)

Request to Renew Using Non-Section 8 Units in the Section 8 Project as a Market Rent Ceiling (HUD-9629) 9629.PDF (hud.gov)

Worksheets for Mark-up-to-Market (Option One) MU2M.XLSX (live.com)

Contract Renewal Forms:


Instructions for Contract Renewal Request

Instructions for OCAF Worksheet

Worksheets for a Mark-Up-To-Market

Sample Certification of Tenant Comment Procedures

Sample One-Year Opt-Out Letter

Sample One-Year Renewal Letter

Sample Notice to Tenant of Proposed Rent Increase Letter

Sample Owners RCS Checklist

Sample Owners RCS Cover Letter

Utility Allowance/Analysis:

Methodology for Completing a Multifamily Housing Utility Analysis HUD Notice H-2015-04

15-04HSGN.PDF (hud.gov)

UA_FAQs_February_2022 (hud.gov)

Utility Allowance Factors

Multifamily Utility Allowance Factors | HUD USER

Operating Cost Adjustment Factor Effective February 11

Federal Register :: Notice of Certain Operating Cost Adjustment Factors for 2018

Budget Based-Rent Adjustments:

Annual Adjustment Factor Rent Adjustments:

AAF Tables

Annual Adjustment Factors | HUD USER

Fair Market Rents


Consents to Assignments of HAP Contracts:

HUD-9a Forms | HUD.gov / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • Consent to Assignment of HAP Contract as Security for Financing – Attachment 21 HUD 9649
  • Consent to Assignment of HAP Contract as Security for FNMA Financing – Attachment 22 HUD 9651
  • Consent to Assignment of HAP Contract as Security to FNMA as Security for FNMA Credit Enhancement HUD 9648D
  • Consent to Assignment of HAP Contract for Freddie Mac Financing- Attachment 23 HUD 9648A