L.A. LOMOD manages Section 8 Project Based portfolio in ten Southern California counties. Specifically, the Project-Based Contract Administration (PBCA) duties of the organization include the following key functions:

  • Conduct management and occupancy reviews (MORs)
  • Review owner requests for HAP payments
  • Release HAP payments to owners
  • Process rent increase and contract renewal requests
  • Respond to resident concerns
  • Respond to 1st level appeals on review ratings and rent increases

Since 2003, L.A. LOMOD has provided oversight of HAP contracts for Section 8 projects in accordance with HUD regulations and requirements for the Southern California Section 8 project-based portfolio.  L.A. LOMOD assists owners and agents in understanding and complying with the various and complex federal housing regulations applied to their respective properties. Through comprehensive oversight and quality assurance, L.A. LOMOD ensures the performance of all contract administration tasks in 710 properties equaling 47,533 units of affordable housing.