It has come to LOMOD’s attention that several properties have been using combined Waiting Lists.

On February 21, 2018, LOMOD received guidance from HUD San Francisco that this is not an acceptable practice, even if a property has a previous approval letter from the HUD Account Executive.

This guidance is based upon HUD’s concerns about the ability to accurately audit the Waiting List and to determine if the property is meeting their ELI Income Targeting requirements.

In addition, it has also been noted that if an applicant was offered a unit on a property that they did not wish to reside at, this would be considered a unit rejection and after the prescribed number of rejections per the Tenant Selection Plan, the applicant would be removed from the Waiting List. This practice could be seen as steering applicants to certain properties and taking away their choice of where they wish to live.

Moving forward all properties must have their own Waiting List.

For existing combined Waiting Lists, our guidance specifies that a property may continue to use the combined list, but all applicants on the list must be contacted and asked which property they would like to live at.

If an applicant may wish to stay on all waiting lists. The resident’s choice will need to be notated on the Waiting List to ensure that applicants are housed in the proper order at each property.

If and/or when a waiting list is accepting new applicants, these names would go onto the individual property’s list.