HUD has announced several recent updates regarding:

Section 8(bb) Subsidy Transfer Requests

Mr. Toby Halliday, Director of HUD’s Multifamily Housing Office of Management and Portfolio Oversight, announced that the hold has been lifted on the review of new Section 8(bb) subsidy transfer requests. He stated the following:

As you know, our office placed a pause on the review of new 8(bb) subsidy transfer requests in late February while the Office of General Counsel reviewed HUD’s authority to execute such transfers.  This hold is now lifted, and Multifamily Housing will now resume processing of transfers pursuant to Housing Notice 2015-03 and related protocols.  Going forward, our office will explore possible changes to our procedures and justifications to ensure that our fulfillment of the requirements of Section 8(bb) is on the strongest legal footing possible”.  

$5 Billion Allocation for the HOME program

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HUD and VA efforts to end Veteran homelessness.

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