Fire Hazard and Prevention Tips for Electric Scooters and Bikes

Dear Multifamily Stakeholders,

The attached memo and flyer provide awareness about the increasing fire hazard and fire prevention tips for electric scooters and bikes. Please ensure this information is shared periodically with staff and residents in all of your multifamily properties to help reduce the risk of fire and injury.


Multifamily owners, management agents, and residents can do their part to help prevent electric scooter and bike related fires. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends following these guidelines:

  • Always be present when charging devices using lithium-ion batteries.
  • Only use the charger that came with your device.
  • Only use an approved replacement battery pack.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper charging and unplug the device when done.
  • Never charge while sleeping.
  • Never use these devices with a battery pack that has been modified/reworked by unqualified personnel or with re-purposed or used cells.
  • Never throw lithium batteries into the trash or general recycling. Instead, take them to your local battery recycler or hazardous waste collection center.