Per a directive from HUD Headquarters, Owner/Management Agents are required to add the California Climate Credit to our residents annual income for anyone who pays their own utilities.


Please include the following annual amounts for residents served by the Utility companies listed below:




So. Cal Edison  $74.00
San Diego Gas & Electric  $64.56
Liberty Utilities $58.92
Pacific Gas & Electric $71.46



Natural Gas


So Cal Gas $26.15
San Diego Gas & Electric $21.11
Southwest Gas $26.54
Pacific Gas & Electric $27.18




You should use the Income code “N” (Other non-wage source) on the 50059.


These rates will be effective:

New Move-in and Initial Certifications – April 1, 2020

        Annual Recertification – August 1, 2020


For more information on the CA Climate Credit:   California Climate Credit